When you book with Lake Yale you can expect the very best in customer service, from start to finish. Our mission to serve is evident in everything that we do. Our job is to make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible while you are here. Once we know what you need and want for your event, our dining staff, set-up team, maintenance, housekeeping and office staff kick it into high gear to make sure everything is ready for you when you arrive. Here is a list of what you can expect and how you can help us make your event spectacular:


From your first inquiry, we start working to make sure we have the accommodations, activities and meeting space that your group needs.

Pro Tip: Spend time discussing the purpose and plan for your event. The more our office staff knows what you want to accomplish, the more we can help you. We may have solutions that you haven’t considered that will work great in helping you reach your goals!


We know that booking for a group can be stressful, especially when you have so many different allergies and taste preferences to consider. Our dining room staff looks forward to making the mealtimes at your event enjoyable and memorable. While we can’t always accommodate every allergy known to man, our staff will work hard to make sure there are options available for the ones that we can!

Pro Tip: Add a small “Allergies section” to the registration for your group and make sure they submit their forms by a deadline at least two-weeks before your event. That way you will know what allergies we will need to plan for so everyone can have great dining experience

Set-up and Audio Visual

It is rare that a group wants to meet in a bare room with no tables or chairs and nobody wants to spend time before their event setting up and checking everything before they can get started. That is where our Set-up crew comes in. Once we have your specific set-up and A/V needs, our set-up team works diligently to ensure everything is set to your specifications so that when you arrive, you can walk right in and begin your conference saving you time and money!

Pro Tip: Make sure to explain what you want to accomplish in your meeting space. Our dedicated staff knows the best practices for each room and can help you plan accordingly, even if you aren’t sure how you would like the room to look.


Every conference participant needs a break from the routine to relax, play a game, or just interact with other participants. Plan some fun and interactivity into your conference schedule by utilizing our volleyball and basketball courts, nine-hole disc golf course, canoes, high and low ropes course, softball and sports fields, and Maple Fellowship center.

Pro Tip: When planning for activities, make sure there is a variety of options for your participants in order to all for all of them to participate in something they enjoy or to try something new!