FAQ: Stuff you want to know!

Where is Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center?

Lake Yale is nestled on the banks of 4000 acre Lake Yale, just off of County Road 452 between Eustis and Umatilla, FL. Our little piece of serenity hosts 300 acres with a mile of shoreline. Once you turn onto CR 452 from Eustis or Umatilla, we are 6 miles down, just look for the signs!

Do you have to be Baptist to use the facility/attend an event?

Nope! While Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center is proudly a cooperating ministry of the Florida Baptist Convention, we do not require groups or individuals to adhere to a particular denomination in order to utilize the facility. We do, however, ask that groups who rent our facility adhere to and respect our Statement of Faith while they are here and refrain from any actions, or promotion that would directly or indirectly go against those imperatives. Additionally, we only allow groups who are non-profit to utilize our facility.

What size groups can rent the facility?

Whether you are a small group of two or three, or a massive group of 1000+, you can book at Lake Yale!*


*Don’t you hate these little asterisks? They usually mean that what you just read doesn’t mean what you just read. Annoying! Well, this one does mean what is says. If you are meeting here, you can book here. We just can’t rent rooms like a hotel. That’s all. 🙂

Do you provide meals?

The meals at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center are often one of the highlights of your stay (in case you missed it, that means “Yes”). Our kitchen staff prepares wonderful meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner for any sized group over 20 people and with four serving lines in our Magnolia Dining hall, you will get served fast no matter where you are in line!

What activities are available there?

We have a wide range of activities for you to enjoy while you are here. 3 Basketball courts, 4 Volleyball courts, canoes, fishing ponds, and a ropes course (booked through Common Ground Adventures). In addition to that, we also have a 9-hole disc golf course, swimming pool, and our Maple Fellowship center has plenty of board games to keep you busy and active. And we haven’t even mentioned all of the field space for you to use…

We are coming to an event, what do we need to bring?

If you are coming to one of our Lake Yale events, everything you need, outside of  your bible and personal belongings, has been provided for you here! Our hotel rooms are equipped with linens, toiletries, T.V.s, towels, pillows,…you know, hotel stuff! And our camps are decked out too making coming to a Lake Yale sponsored event easy as can be!

If you are hosting your own event, the hotel is STILL decked out! The camps CAN be decked out for a small fee. For you meetings, you can bring any decoration or set-up that you feel you need. Our crew will do the set-up of the chairs, tables and other items and have them ready for you when you arrive. Need A/V equipment in your space? No problem! It is included and we can get it set up for you and ready to go when you arrive!


What does your pricing include?

When you get a quote from us, you can expect it to be all inclusive. Nobody likes having surprise fees and extras added on especially when they are expecting a much lower price (because it was quoted to them!). At Lake Yale, we package up your entire stay and you are never charged for your meeting space*, set-up, or A/V needs. We also will package your meal pricing and give you a total price before you even book.

There are opportunities for  you to do add on’s at your choice and with full knowledge of what those add-on’s will cost. But that is totally up to you!


*Here’s that little asterisk again! Okay, so only time you are charged is if you are a day-only group. I mean, we can’t just have people coming in off the street and holding free meetings in our buildings can we? 🙂