Lake Yale and the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear group leader and guests:

At Lake Yale, we recognize that keeping everyone safe and healthy during this time is a joint effort with our guests. We are taking every precaution on our end to ensure that our staff and our guests are safe and healthy. Extra precautions are being taken in every guest service area to limit any possible chance of exposure. Here are just some of the precautions we are taking:

  1. Extra cleaning and sanitizing above and beyond the exceptional service you already expect from Lake Yale.
  2. Reduction in workforce. We are working with the bare minimum staff to reduce the number of extended contacts for our guests and fellow staff.
  3. Touch-free services in housekeeping.
  4. Low-volume sanitization system in all guest rooms.

These steps, among many others, are helping to ensure that your stay is safe and worry-free. Please check out the following resources to see how you and your group can help keep everyone safe while visiting Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center:

Our Agreement with Lake Count Emergency Management

We are proud to be a part of our local community and serve as Christ would serve. We have a partnership with Lake County Emergency Management to be an “AS NEEDED” housing facility for those in our community who may be at risk, transient or homeless needing to quarantine from COVID and/or as a shelter from potential environmental threats such as hurricanes. While this agreement allows us to serve a desperate need in our community, it in no way puts any portion of our guests or staff at risk. The section of our site that is to be used is, and has been since the beginning of this pandemic, set-apart in an area where guests are not allowed access. Additionally, Lake County has agreed to provide security in the event that our services are ever needed. To date, there has been no need for our services, however, we remain confident that if such a need ever arises, it will not, in any way affect any portion of our conference center, amenities, or guest rooms. For more information and details on how we are keeping you safe during this partnership, please contact our Executive Director, Jeff Yant.

Here are some general guidelines we are asking of all our groups to help everyone stay safe and healthy:


  • Prior to arrival, please keep open communication with your group.
  • Trust them to make the right decisions with the given information you have provided them.



  • Set-up a temperature checking station, prior to arrival to our campus, to verify that no one has a fever. If someone has a temperature of 100.4 or higher they must stay home.
  • Verify with every individual that they do NOT have nor have been around anyone with COVID symptoms.



  • Enforce how important it is to stay home if someone has symptoms or has been around someone who has. Remind them, there is always next year!
  • Practice Safe Hand Washing Procedures
  • Social Distance Maintain a distance of ≥6ft between you and other guests, even in your own group as much as possible.
  • Lastly, if someone does become ill, have policies in place to assist them while also protecting others and yourself.


Please err on the side of caution. Our goal is to keep everyone safe, even if that means seeing less people this year.