Who Are Our Guests ?

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center welcomes non-profit groups of many different types to our campus – church groups, school groups, retreats, sports camps, crafting groups, and so many more!  We have been blessed with a large campus that is able to serve a wide variety of different needs and interests.   Call us today to explore the many different options that we have to offer!

Guests at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center understand and acknowledge that Lake Yale is a Southern Baptist facility. As such, conduct that is contrary to the beliefs and tenets of Southern Baptists is not permitted on facility grounds. In general, conduct that is not permitted includes, but is not limited to: drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, excessive public displays of affection, excessively revealing clothing or swimwear, public advocacy of conduct or lifestyles which are not condoned by the Bible (as interpreted by Southern Baptists). If a guest has any questions regarding whether a specific act is permissible, the management at Lake Yale will be more than happy to answer any such questions. Failure to get such clarification before acting in an impermissible manner will not excuse the conduct, nor will it be grounds for avoiding the consequences of such conduct. Any determination by management regarding the permissibility of any conduct will be final.



Lake Yale guests understand and acknowledge that they are responsible for their actions. Should any guest be found to have violated any facility rules and/or acted in a manner inconsistent with the beliefs and tenets of Southern Baptists, such guest will risk having their stay cut short. Should a group be found to have engaged in impermissible conduct (or encouraged an individual to do so), the entire group will be subject to having their stay cut short. Any such individual or group may also forfeit any future use of the Lake Yale facility (regardless of whether reservations for such future use have been made and/or accepted). While Lake Yale reserves the right to do so in extenuating circumstances, the standard policy is that there will be no refunds of any unused portion of a stay should an individual or group be removed from the facility for impermissible conduct.



Should there arise any dispute between a Lake Yale guest and Lake Yale which relates in any way to a visit to Lake Yale, the guest(s) and Lake Yale shall submit the dispute to mediation and, if necessary, binding arbitration (such arbitration being conducted in accordance with the rules for arbitration used by Peacemakers Ministries). If the dispute proceeds to arbitration, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover, on demand, all costs, expenses and fees, including reasonable attorneys’ and paralegal fees incurred in connection therewith.


As Southern Baptists, we affirm both the Baptist Faith and Message and the Nashville Statement. These documents clearly outline our position on Biblical, social, personal, and political issues. Click on the names of the statements for more information.