Our 2018-19 volunteer season was such a blessing!  Our volunteers worked hard on various projects, including:

  • Assisted in the laundry
  • Finished painting Palm Building
  • Installing new windows
  • Painted where needed
  • Painted or stained swings, poles and benches
  • Created sign for Women’s Retreats
  • Created over 1000 favors to be used for the Women’s retreats and as giveaways at other conventions
  • Shampooed carpets campus wide
  • Renovated Palm Building
  • Worked on ongoing landscaping
  • Created new planting beds
  • Installed new irrigation systems where needed
  • Worked at the farm planting, harvesting, composting and other needed maintenance
  • Cleaned and reorganized the Reaves Nursery
  • Helped with Seniors Retreats
  • Began clearing a new recreation field in North Camp
  • Installed new parking barriers
  • Replaced rotting wood on parking barriers campus wide
  • Maintained campus vehicles, golf carts and small engine equipment
  • Helped with set up
  • Repaired roadways and sidewalks campus wide
  • Installed new lighting in Maguire Auditorium
  • Repaired and replaced lighting campus wide
  • Worked on ongoing electrical maintenance
  • Replaced ceiling tiles where needed campus wide
  • Repaired and painted the covered walkways along Magnolia
  • And so much more!
Ready to volunteer or have any questions?

It was a busy season and, as always, our volunteers brought so much joy to our campus! We are thankful to have faithful volunteers come once a year to help improve our facility.

Individual Volunteers:

Each year Lake Yale has a number of volunteer couples and individuals that come to participate in a volunteer ministry program. Most of them stay in our RV Park and in exchange for their work we provide them with utilities and some meals. They typically work Monday through Thursday from 7:45 to 3:00. Many of the projects they are generally involved in include construction, grounds, painting, handyman, cleaning, electrical, and plumbing. Volunteers also enjoy fellowship together each morning and during a weekly devotion. Applications can be download on this page.

Group Volunteers:

Short term, group volunteer opportunities are also available here at Lake Yale. Projects may include anything from roofing to painting to grounds work and more. For more information on group volunteer opportunities please contact the main office.


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