History of the Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center

In the 1960s, Florida Baptists were taxing the capacity of the locations where camps and assembly programs were being held. A request for a centrally located state camp was made to the State Board, and then began the process of searching for and purchasing land for such a camp. The first part to be completed by 1965 was the area that is now North and South Camp. The adult area, now known as the Conference Area, came shortly thereafter, with the construction of an auditorium and an administration building. The auditorium was named after John H. Maguire who helped begin the process of building this new camp for the Florida Baptists. The administration building was named the S.O. Bean Administration Building in honor of the assistant executive secretary treasurer.

By 1969, Lake Yale was comprised of fourteen buildings and 210 acres of land. Since then, many buildings have been added and existing ones have been renovated. We continue to remain a conference center that is open to all evangelical and not-for-profit groups and it is our intent to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment in which to work, study or relax.

In November 2017, the Florida Baptist Convention completed the requirements to make Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center a Cooperating Ministry, allowing it to become incorporated and no longer owned by the convention. This incorporation will help Lake Yale focus on site updates and improvements as well as set a future course for ministry and building projects that will help Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center fulfill its mission. For more information on upcoming projects and plans for the site, please visit our donation page.