Each summer youth pastors across the country look for the perfect place to take their students for summer camp. Rightfully so, they have to be picky when looking for the right spot. Parents want to ensure the safety of their child, youth pastors need good locations for teaching, you name it. 

In this blog we have compiled a list of the top four things that youth pastors look for when booking their summer camp spot. Save these, print them out, and refer to them again later. You’ll want to keep this information handy when booking your next camp!

  1. Good Camp Food

How many times have you heard a child complain about their food? Constantly. Right? This is ranked at number one for several reasons. First, because it’s hard to get anything done on an empty stomach. Second, because you need genuinely good fuel to get through a hot, summer day. Especially when kids are outside playing hard and burning tons of calories. 

Finding a good source of nutrition that tastes good as well is a rare combination. When a youth pastor finds a camp with good food, they jump on it for good reason. 

   2. Loads of Options for Activities

Kids go to camp with the anticipation of doing fun things and a camp that can provide several options is a winner. They want to come back home with stories about the things they did and the insane amount of fun they had while doing it. No one wants to come home from camp with boring stories about how they didn’t do anything. 

Some activities that kids can enjoy at camp are:

There are several things that youth pastors look at when deciding where to host summer camps. Here are the top 4 items on their list.

Youth pastors enjoy finding these types of activities in a camp spot because they can keep their campers occupied while having fun!

    3. A Safety First Environment

Parents entrust their children with the youth pastors’ decision making when it comes to trips. So it’s natural for a safety first environment to make this list. Safety is a broad and general term, so what does it mean for a camp to be ‘safe?’

First, a good camp will have lifeguards trained in water safety and CPR. With the amount of time that kids spend in the water during camp, it’s important to have lifeguards that are adequately trained and are aware of dangers associated with water sports. 

Second, is security. Any time that there are children involved, security must be high to protect everyone. A good camp will place high priority on campers enjoying their time in a secure environment that is monitored closely for suspicious activity. 

    4. Ample Lodging Space

No matter how large or small of a group that is brought, a youth pastor will always look for a camp with ample lodging space. It’s extremely important that children are well rested and enjoy the time they get to spend with their friends after the day is over! 

It’s also important to look for a camp that has several different options for housing. One group may require a specific type of housing while another group may need something entirely different. A camp spot that can accommodate all groups and their varied needs for lodging is certainly a winner!

Youth Pastors Choose Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center

Youth pastors have chosen Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg, Florida for decades. With the incredible food, loads of activities, ample lodging, and security measures it’s a tough place to beat! 

We welcome youth groups from across the country each year and we look forward to continuing to do so. We’re also excited to welcome new youth groups to our property who may have never visited with us before. 

Regardless if you’ve been here or not before, we are excited to have you stay with us. Contact us today to get started book your next event with us!

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